What to Expect at Appointments

expectNew Nurse Visit
This is an important time for us to review your medical and family history. It is also a time for you to collect resources for your pregnancy and about Mission Hospital.

New Ob Physician Visit – 28 weeks
In an uncomplicated pregnancy, you will have monthly visits. In addition to routine obstetrical labs and screening, first trimester screening and Multiple Marker Screening (done between 15 and 21 weeks) will be offered. These tests are designed to calculate the risk of Down’s Syndrome/Trisomy 21, Edward’s Syndrome/ Trisomy 18, and Spina Bifida/Neural Tube Defects). Any patient who desires definitive testing for fetal chromosomes may request an amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. At 18-20 weeks, we usually perform an ultrasound. (This is our best opportunity to see the gender of your baby if you are interested in knowing).

28 – 35 weeks
In an uncomplicated pregnancy, you will be seen every 2 weeks. Lab work checking your hemoglobin and a screen for gestational diabetes is requested at 28 weeks.

36 weeks – Delivery
In an uncomplicated pregnancy, you will be seen at least weekly. Group B Strep and routine cultures are performed and cervical exams to check for the baby’s presenting part and for dilatation are offered.

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