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Asheville Pregnancy Care

Providing exceptional pregnancy care to women of the Asheville area is important to our doctors and medical staff at Laurel.  We listen, consult, inform, and support our patient’s needs to care for a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy care at Laurel OB/GYN includes prenatal support, pregnancy monitoring throughout each trimester, childbirth, and postpartum care.  We’d be happy to help with your next pregnancy so, call us today!

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Preconception & Prenatal Care

Are You Expecting?

Taking proper preconception and prenatal care is vital to birthing a healthy baby, which is why we recommend appropriate prenatal vitamins and folic acid.  We encourage patients to also have their medical history reviewed, immunization confirmed, and to ensure physical exams are up to date. 

Specific nutrition and medication questions can be addressed during a  pre-conception counseling exam.  Call to schedule an evaluation if you have a positive pregnancy test.

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Call Us With Questions About Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Concerns?

Each woman experiences pregnancy differently and each pregnancy may differ from prior ones.  Because of this, we make it easy for our patients to get access to the information they need by phone or appointment for questions during your pregnancy.  You can also call with any questions at (828) 253-5381.

Whether its getting through nausea or questions about what to avoid during your pregnancy, we also offer a resource page to help alleviate concern and worry during pregnancy.  

Each Patient Is Treated With Unique, Personal Care

For specific information about fertility, prenatal care, pregnancy, or childbirth, please call our office.

Call (828) 253-5381

Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

What to Expect at Appointments

At Laurel OB/GYN, our goal is to provide an environment where each woman, no matter their stage of life, can receive the personalized care and attention she deserves.

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About Trimesters

A normal full-term pregnancy is between 37 – 42 weeks; divided into three trimesters with each lasting 12 -14 weeks.  Each trimester can have specific physiological and hormonal changes.

Being aware of how your growing baby is affecting your body will help you better prepare for changes as they happen.  Keep regular visits with your OB/GYN doctor.

About Laurel OB/GYN

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First Trimester

Your first pregnancy visit includes an in office ultrasound to determine a “due date” and see how the pregnancy is developing.  We individualize your care during pregnancy through a consultation with your provider.

Routine and special blood tests are also performed at this stage. We offer early genetic screening to evaluate your baby’s risk of having a serious health condition. Our patient information can be found here

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Second Trimester

Monthly Obstetrics visits occur in the second trimester.  We conduct an ultrasound at 20 weeks to evaluate your baby’s anatomy and ensure normal development. Our sonographer can determine the gender of the baby at this exam.

We conduct other tests, such as diabetes screening and spinal defect assessments in the second trimester.  Lastly, we provide information about what to expect as you enter the last trimester of pregnancy.

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Third Trimester

More visits occur in the third trimester.  The first is an anemia and diabetes screening at 28 weeks.  From here, you’ll be seen every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, when weekly appointments are scheduled. 

We determine the position, growth, and health of your baby in this trimester.  We also perform Group B Strep and routine cultures. As we near the due date, we offer cervical exams to check your dilation status and the baby’s presentation.


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