Caused by a growing pregnancy pushing on the bladder. This may be worse in the 1st and 3rd trimester.

Recommendation: Call if it is accompanied by burning, pain, blood, or fever


Contractions can be normal in pregnancy but some can be a sign of labor or preterm labor.

Recommendation: Call if contractions are painful, more than 6 in one hour, continue to increase in intensity and do not resolve with rest and hydration.


Can be normal occurrence in pregnancy but please discuss with your doctor at your appointment to confirm that the discharge is normal.

Recommendation: Avoid stimulating the breast and do not try to express the milk as this will only make you produce more.


After 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is important to count fetal movement daily


  • Pick a time when you are not distracted
  • Pick a time when the baby is usually active (often this is after a meal)

Count fetal movements and make sure your reach ten counted movements before 1 hour has passed. (If you get to ten before an hour has passed, you can stop counting.) Call if you are unable to get this amount.


  • Avoid hot tubs, saunas, and tanning beds
  • Self tanning creams are safe (if they do not contain retinol)
  • Avoid Smoking/tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, dieting
  • Register early for childbirth classes (by 20 weeks). Call (828) 213-8113.

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