“Getting it Right” Weight Loss Program

getting_it_rightGetting it Right is a weight loss program at Laurel Ob Gyn Associates that focuses on healthy life style changes. The two foundations of the plan are CONVENIENCE and KNOWLEDGE.

What better place is there to lose weight and become healthier than in your gynecologist office — the place you know and trust and from where you are already receiving care? Why go anywhere else?

Knowledge is power. Know your numbers. Do you know what your cholesterol or blood sugar values are? What about your BMI? Are you at risk for diabetes? What is insulin sensitivity or metabolic syndrome? Could you have it?

Weight loss, like most other things in life is “not one size fits all.” Our purpose is to help you find what works best for you as an individual. We can discuss a variety of healthy food plans to help you find the one that works best with your lifestyle. Let us give you the skills to learn how to eat for the rest of your life. We want to work with you to learn how your body works and to help you get healthier. Yes, we all want to look better, but in the end, what really matters is how long you live … to look better!

What makes “Getting It Right” different from any other weight loss program you might have tried previously?
Our focus is identifying and treating those individuals with hyperinsulinism (elevated insulin levels that generally precede pre-diabetes). 3 out of 4 people who present in any given medical practice for weight loss have it and most have never been screened for it.

Hyperinsulinism affects your body by increasing your appetite and decreasing your metabolism, resulting in fat storage, particularly around the midline. If diagnosed, there is a medication available that can decrease your appetite, increase your metabolism, and increase your weight loss (& is on the ‘cheap’ generic list in most pharmacies!) Statistical data from the first 6 months of our program showed that the group identified with hyperinsulinism and treated for it lost more weight than the group on appetite suppressant meds.

Please contact our office to set up a Getting it Right appointment.

More Information
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Getting it Right Weight Loss Program